Share screenshots through your domain

Simply snap a screenshot using software like ShareX, and we'll take care of hosting it and serving it through your domain.

OwnShot Dashboard

The Features

These are some of the features that OwnShot provides to you

Images Overview

Your can view all of your past images, from there you can remove them with a click, or view them in your browser.

Remove Images

Removing images can be done in one click, just click "Remove" and your image is gone from our servers.


High availability

We are hosted on a multi-cloud platfrom, this means that we have geo-replicated servers in different countries.

Own Domain

OwnShot will use your existing domain, the service is fully whitelabelled. You won't see OwnShot branding.


Free plan

We offer a 30MB free plan, this means that you can host 100+ small screenshots for free, running out? Just remove old ones, or upgrade.

Supports great tools

We support ShareX for taking your screenshots, this great piece of software allows you to create and edit screenshots with advanced styling.

What are the requirements?

1. Domain

OwnShot uses your domain, so you'll have to have one. You can order them at various providers, we recommend our subsituary,

2. Cloudflare DNS

You can only use our service behind Cloudflare's network. So you need to use Cloudflare's DNS. They will also take care of the HTTPS (TLS/SSL) certificate. Cloudflare is free of charge.

3. Compatibile Software

OwnShot works with ShareX on Windows, and the Gnome desktop on Linux. You need one of those to use OwnShot, currently those are the only supported platforms.

Choose your plan

Honest and affordable pricing model to help you get started easily and trouble free.

Free Plan
€0 per month

Use 30MB of storage and unlimited files.

Silver Plan
€0,99 per month

Use 2GB of storage and unlimited files.

Gold Plan
€2,99 per month

Use 8GB of storage and unlimited files.